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A Commitment to Safety

November 16, 2018
A Commitment to Safety

Sometimes, we run into time constraints and other external factors that put extra pressure on a project. You can always count on Kansas Asphalt to maintain our first commitment to safety and to maintaining the highest standards.

We started this paving project in Athens, Ga., in October. But by the time we were cleared to start the work, it was right before Halloween weekend. Anyone who is familiar with Athens, one of the most popular and festive college towns in the country, know that Halloween is always a major event there. With the expected large numbers of revelers out and about at night during the Halloween weekend, a construction project in the middle of a residential development poses a lot of risks to community safety.


So we went the extra mile on safety precautions. Among other things, we fenced off the entire area with heavy duty construction fence (see photo) to keep people out of harm's way. This photo also shows the silt fence we installed to protect a retention pond on the site. No matter what, we will never cut corners when it comes to meeting all storm water and other environmental regulations.

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