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We Build Racetracks, Too

January 3, 2019

Not all racetracks are built for cars going 200 mph.

KinderCare centers are super fun to work with. Kansas Asphalt repairs their parking lots and sidewalks, but we also have projects that are much more exciting. We have repaired multiple tricycle “racetracks” that were uneven and dangerous. We also have worked to repair basketball, four square and hopscotch courts for KinderCare centers.

Inevitably, the children love to watch our crews work when we are on the job at a KinderCare. The process of their play areas being repaired and upgraded draws children to the classroom windows to watch. One crew on a recent project even stopped their work for awhile to answer the children's questions. Who knows — some of these children may become the next generation of leaders in our industry!

As for the work itself, Kansas Asphalt keeps safety as the number one priority on every job. But if safety considerations could be even more elevated on a project, it is when we work on a KinderCare project. We repair a great number of trip hazards on these playgrounds.

The project pictured here is from a KinderCare location in Palatine, Ill. The project included power washing and repainting an older concrete slab that included a play area in the center of a tricycle racetrack. Our team painted the lines for hopscotch, foursquare and the track over two weekends.

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