Striping or pavement marking is applied with paint to a specific width and length based on the space and requirements. Properly marked parking lots provide an easier to maneuver and safer experience for drivers. Striping should be maintained with frequency (from 12 – 24 months depending upon climate) and provide:

A Nice Facelift

New striping can enhance the appearance of an older lot.

Maximized Space

Parking lot striping allows you to make the best use of the space, providing an easier work environment for employees and better experience for visitors.

Increased Business

The bright contrast created by well-maintained striping can attract the attention of new customers.


Increased Safety

A well-marked lot directs people safely around the parking lot.

Customer Satisfaction

Well maintained parking lot striping is a good indication to the customer that you are concerned with their safety and experience at your property.


Parking lots must be striped in accordance with both local and federal regulations.


Striping and signs for new curbside pick up model

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