Asset Management

Kansas Asphalt helps create long-term asset management plans

Congratulations! You've made the investment and have a new (or newer) parking lot. The key to the life of this space is proper maintenance and timely repairs. Kansas Asphalt has developed an asset management program to help do just that. Our program evaluates your lot for risks, compliance issues, levels of failure and more. We then create a customized program, with prescribed steps for maintenance, a primary contact for repairs, and numbers to allow for budgeting and planning.  


Asset Management gives you planning and budgeting power

Why do you need an asset management plan for your parking lot?

A parking lot that is free of potholes and standing water, is well lit and is properly marked is an inviting space. And it's more than just a place to park cars. It's an investment in your business, in your employees and in your community. With a Kansas Asphalt asset management program for your lot, you can take comfort in having budgeted numbers for the future, in offering employees and customers a safe and compliant lot, and in providing your community a great destination to meet and have fun.   


Parking lots make excellent spaces to stay physically fit Parking lots are members of the community


What We Do

Our capabilities to support parking lots are wide and deep. Whether you need a surface treatment, a full replacement or an expert to help with your project, we have a solution.

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