Construction Management

Construction Management is our competitive edge

K.A.I. Total Pavement Management is dedicated to providing the best construction services for every customer, every time. We deliver this through your single point of contact with a seasoned team of project managers and field construction managers that understand both the big picture and small details. We will work with you to create both a scope and schedule to achieve the maintenance, repair and reconstruction needs your lot has—and then we’ll take it from there. From permitting, to traffic modification, to final walk-through, K.A.I. Total Pavement Management is your partner for construction management.  


K.A.I. will analyze your lot for quality, risks, and more, and then create a customized proposal to give that great first impression. Pavement deterioration K.A.I. will manage traffic flow during your project and ensure the safety of your customers, employees and our crews.Traffic modification during a job
All K.A.I. projects will be managed by your dedicated project manager, we'll keep your project on target.New lot in proces Your customers are our customers, and we promise to keep your doors open during construction. Customer Service



What We Do

Our capabilities to support parking lots are wide and deep. Whether you need a surface treatment, a full replacement or an expert to help with your project, we have a solution.


Featured Project

Distribution Center needs a new surface

After a concrete lot's total failure, K.A.I. conducted a full assessment and developed a program to replace the surface and sub-grade over two years. The result was a new lot for this busy center, without interruption to business.

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"Kansas Asphalt, Inc. has been one of the best companies that I have used in the Southeast U.S. for remediating lot surfaces – asphalt, concrete and limestone."

Regional Facility Specialist
Little Rock, AR
International Bottling Company


Featured Project

Busy retail store needs a new lot

K.A.I. Total Pavement Management let the way for the construction management of the asphalt and concrerte spaces on this busy lot and the business stayed open during the remodel of the lot.  K.A.I. worked for both the client and the third-party engineering firm in coordinating the schedule, activites, and great execution.

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"This was a complex project, but it was easy working with K.A.I.”

Engineering Lead
Kalispell, MT
Large Engineering Firm


Featured Project

Log deck needs a parking lot

K.A.I. installed an asphalt plant on site, and organized a program to pave the 17-acre log deck over three years.

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“K.A.I. has been great to work with, consistently adhering to specs and timeframes as well as navigating any problems that we encounter on our projects.”

Vice President of Forestry Services
Large Timber Company


Featured Project

Keeping the water out

A hospital customer was experiencing continual water intrusion at one of their city campus locations in an area enjoyed by staff and visitors alike. K.A.I. was able to identify and resolve the problem.  

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"I know when I work with K.A.I. the project will go smoothly."

Head of Real Estate
Large Hospital System

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