Concrete Paving

Kansas Asphalt — the preferred choice in concrete paving for parking lots, loading docks, sidewalks, curbs and more

Concrete is an excellent choice for paving and is used often in areas that will handle a great deal of weight, such as loading docks, or if there will be few changes to them, such as sidewalks. Kansas Asphalt is your source for concrete paving. We understand the materials involved, we have the right equipment to get the job done, and our teams know these products well. Look no further than Kansas Asphalt for your next concrete paving projects.  

Kansas Asphalt is a proven partner for concrete paving.  Whether it's a sidewalk on busy street, curbs for parking lot, or a loading dock at a busy distribution center, we will deliver the right solution on time and on budget for you.

Pouring a concrete pad

Maintenance is key to a long life

Like asphalt, concrete needs to be maintained in order to continue providing safe and compliant parking and throughways. Whether there's a pothole in the loading dock, or broken curbs, or updated striping needs in the parking lot, Kansas Asphalt is your source for concrete maintenance and repair.  

Concrete maintenance


What We Do

Our capabilities to support parking lots are wide and deep. Whether you need a surface treatment, a full replacement or an expert to help with your project, we have a solution.

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