The K.A.I. Difference

Why choose K.A.I. as your parking lot management company?

Our approach is direct, customer focused, thorough and ultimately saves costs.  



As a single point of contact, your dedicated project manager will ensure the scope is followed and we stay on track for time and costs.

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We're the experts

We're experts in all things paving. We understand the best practices, the materials, the environment, and the rules and regulations.

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Working with K.A.I. will solve today's repair and compliance issues while providing you planning and budgeting tools for tomorrow with your customized Asset Management program.

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We're here to serve our customers. We make their lives easier and their business more profitable by creating and maintaining safe, compliant parking lots. This helps to attract customers while reflecting their customer service and sustainability initiatives. And we do it with little to no interruption to business. That's the K.A.I. difference.

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The K.A.I. Mission

Our mission is clear: to deliver the highest construction management services to every client, every time. 

Construction is a maze of requirements, regulations, customer needs, weather-related challenges, and more. But we're up for the task. Since 1970, we've been dedicated to this mission and have steadily grown in experience, revenue, and team members since then. We're staying this course.


The K.A.I. Vision

Our vision is to attract customers to our customers, and help large and small businesses across the country grow. 

We do this by focusing on three key principles:

Always do the right thing

We manage every project with responsible paving practices, adherence to ADA regulations, and being our customers' advocate during construction.

We keep our customers' doors open

We recognize construction can impact operations and revenue. We do what it takes to manage traffic flow so that doors stay open during construction.

We do what we say

We deliver on the timeline and budget paramaters we agree to. We stand behind everything we do, and we warranty our work.



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