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New Milling Machine Keeps Kansas Asphalt Ahead of the Competition

September 14, 2020
New Milling Machine Keeps Kansas Asphalt Ahead of the Competition

Kansas Asphalt recently added a new milling machine — a Wirtgen 130 CFi — to our fleet. This state-of-the-art mill requires only one person to operate it. The new technology featured on this machine includes a multi-angle camera system, automated grade and slope controls, and work productivity reporting. For our operator’s safety, the Wirtgen has a vacuum system for silica fumes and a better water-control system to suppress dust. Plus, the machine is more fuel-efficient than previous models, adding to its environmental advantages.


Kansas Asphalt crews used the new mill for the first time in May 2019 on a Target parking lot. The crew encountered soft subgrade on the project and, because of the new machine’s smaller size and weight, they were able to efficiently mill the lot without breaking through the existing asphalt. The ability to adapt to the poor subgrade conditions allowed our superintendent to value engineer the lot for a better result.

Kansas Asphalt — Your milling experts

Milling accounts for approximately 15-20% of Kansas Asphalt’s self-performing operations. By doing our own milling, we are able to profile and grade parking lots to ensure the subsequent paving is more efficient. “A successful milling job makes the paving work so much easier,” said Kansas Asphalt COO Andy Jeffries. “In the end, it saves time and money for our clients.”

While many customers think every lot needs to be milled, that is not the case. Indeed, milling can actually adversely affect the structural integrity of a parking lot. At Kansas Asphalt, we match the type of equipment we use to the type of project. Bigger is not always better. Parking lots, unlike roadways, are designed for light vehicle traffic. So, our smaller, specialized equipment like the Wirtgen 130 provides the best long-term result.


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