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A Bike Path Created

May 4, 2018
A Bike Path Created

Kansas Asphalt LLC is a paving contractor.  We pave big places – parking lots, distribution centers, and sometimes streets.  There are small spaces where we work too and we are proud to have recently helped Synergy Services as we brought our talents and time to help pave a bike path for their residents. 

Kids enjoying bike pathSynergy House is a residential house for families rebuilding their lives and it provides a variety of services and solutions but there was not a safe place for the children to ride their bikes.  Kansas Asphalt LLC knew we could help here and we collaborated with some other local businesses to create a paved walking and bike-riding path behind the house. 

This redeveloped space provides the children a safe place to ride as well as a nice place for the other residents to take a walk.  We also donated some repair services and patched their parking lot while we were there.

Local to our headquarters, Synergy Services helps victims of family violence find the safety, support, strength and skills needed to change their lives.





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