Communication is the Key to Success

This project was 55,946 square feet of 3½-inch full-depth removal and paving. This project also included ADA scope. It was split into phases to make it easier for the customer to remain open as we performed the work on site.


At Kansas Asphalt, our goal is always to deliver the highest quality project on time, and to do so while creating as little inconvenience to the client as possible. In the case of this large reconstruction project of a retailer in Columbus, Ohio, communication with all the stakeholders and a pre-construction plan were the keys to making the job a success.

Our onsite pre-construction meeting was a new addition to our process with this particular longtime client this year. It served to get everyone on the same page before the project started, which proved to be very important as the client requested a number of change orders after this asphalt paving project was underway.

Having a solid plan in place enabled us to handle the changes in a timely manner while continuing to keep the project on schedule. Digging into the project and evaluating it allows us to get ahead of problems that may arise. This particular client told us previous contractors did not document changes and provided no communication. As a result, they were charged for things they were unaware were happening. We believe keeping the client involved in the project is essential to building a long-term relationship.

If you have questions about an asphalt parking lot reconstruction project, please contact us. We would love to hear about it and help answer your questions.

Kansas Asphalt completed this asphalt paving project in Columbus, Ohio. This retailer was able to keep their doors open during the entire project.
This photo was taken during the second phase of this asphalt paving project.
This photo was taken during the third phase of this asphalt paving project.
Kansas Asphalt is proud to have worked with this client for several years.
Even with a number of change orders from the client, Kansas Asphalt was able to complete this project according to the original timeline.

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