Cincinnati Road
A local homeowners’ association contracted with Ohio Pavement Management to stop a dangerous drainage problem and restore the damaged roadway.

Excessive rains caused a portion of scenic Fairway Lane in Cincinnati to fall down the adjacent slope, causing dangerous cracking roadway conditions for travelers. 

A local homeowners’ association contracted with one of our Cincinnati-based locations, Ohio Asphalt (Ohio Pavement Management) to stop the drainage problem and restore the damaged roadway.

Mike Gebhart of Ohio Asphalt devised a plan to repair the failed area and prevent future problems using gambion baskets.  These are rectangular baskets made of galvanized wire. When used as an erosion tool, the baskets are filled with stones and assembled on site by the crew.

The area consisted of about 100 feet of roadway. Ohio Asphalt conducted the following steps to shore up the roadway:

  • The area was excavated, and a limestone footer was installed.  
  • The crew then assembled the gambion baskets to fill in the undermined area. 
  • CDF (control density fill) concrete was placed at the edge of the road followed by the baskets filled with cobble.  
  • Three weep hole lines were installed to allow for future drainage.  To accomplish this, a four-inch perforated sock pipe was placed through a channel in the rip rap, which is rock used to prevent erosion. 
  • Finally, the failed asphalt was repaired, and a rip rap dressing was placed over the baskets.

The result was a pleasing repair of Fairway Lane that will stay sound for years to come. 

This is just one more example of how Cincinnati-area businesses and organizations of all kinds reach out to our Ohio Pavement Management division for their paving, engineering and asphalt management needs. 

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