Drainage Issue for a Large Convenience Store
Kansas Asphalt recently tackled a multi-phased project for a large convenience store. The result was an innovative water-drainage solution, and one beautiful new parking lot.

When the convenience store “Kum & Go” reached out to us, they knew they needed substantial work at a large location in New Virginia, Iowa. 

Kum & Go had originally reached out to Kansas Asphalt about a lot in 2020, and we made a site visit, determining the lot needed to be milled and paved. Kum & Go was ready to pull the trigger on the work in 2021, but there was one hiccup: the southwest corner of the lot was in worse condition than the rest of the lot and was holding water. 

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Kansas Asphalt hit the drawing board and came up with a plan to remedy the issue--a concrete flume. Before paving the lot in June 2021, our Iowa-based concrete crew formed and poured a 740-square-foot, concrete valley gutter and curbing to move standing water away from the lot and into the adjacent landscaping.

“The edge of the lot was silted in and the grass had overgrown the asphalt in the designated drainage area,” says Andy Jeffries, president of Kansas Asphalt. “We cleaned out the section of landscaping and engineered a valley gutter to keep the corner draining and prevent the problem from recurring.”

With the concrete complete, it was time to pave. Kansas Asphalt sent a paving crew from their headquarters in Kansas to get the job done. The crew broke the lot into phases to keep the convenience store and gas pumps operational at all times. Three days later, the entire 80,000-square-foot lot was paved, striped, and open for business!

Just another example of how we work with businesses to overcome engineering obstacles big and small, and create innovative solutions to keep them running full steam ahead. 

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