A New Approach for Homeowners
When Jeff Cox noticed that the driveway entrances of his Overland Park subdivision were failing, he realized it was time for a new approach – pun intended! Jeff reached out to Kansas Asphalt to help.

Jeff Cox, HOA president, reached out to Kansas Asphalt to devise a plan to restore the driveway approaches in his Overland Park subdivision to their original condition. These are the “on ramps” that connect the street to a driveway. Creating an approach requires a lot of detailed work and extra care to preserve the adjacent landscaping and lawn.

Kansas Asphalt took on the job which included the following steps:

  1. Each driveway required removal of the apron that was approximately 2’ x 20’ of existing 4” asphalt, followed by replacement with new hot mix asphalt.  
  2. Using a small skid steer with a breaker attachment, the crew carefully removed the failing asphalt. 
  3. With picks and shovels, they cleaned all debris from the work area and followed with a vibra packer to compact the exposed subgrade.  
  4. Tack coat was then applied to the vertical edges to facilitate binding with the new asphalt.  
  5. The newly-prepared areas were filled with hot mix asphalt and hand raked to a smooth finish while matching the existing edges for perfectly level transitions.  
  6. Finally, the vibra packer and small roller were used to compact the asphalt evenly for a seamless surface.

Upon completion of the job, we received this follow-up note:

"I just wanted to shoot you a quick note letting you know that we were very pleased with the speed and quality of the work you did to repair the apron that connects our driveway to the street. This has been a major annoyance for us for several years and the repaired apron is now a delight! Thanks so much for your great work - we think of you fondly every time we leave the house."
Jeff Cox, HOA president and homeowner

Though these drives were very simple, taking pains to replace each homeowner’s approach by hand was tedious. Our team at Kansas Asphalt was pleased with the results and proud of our crew for taking the time to make each family’s driveway look great. 

“When we’re dealing with a client’s home, there’s no room for mistakes. This is something they will see and use every single day and we want those homeowners to love it. We will not leave a job until the client is completely satisfied. I really believe that’s why client referrals are our biggest source of new business.”


Jane Jeffries, KAI Board Chairman

At KAI, when we say no job is too large or too small, we mean it.  And our most important job is yours.

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