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Green Initiatives

Introducing a greener blacktop.

Asphalt is already the second most recycled product after steel.

At KAI, a division of Kansas Asphalt, we’re laying the groundwork for more environmentally responsible paving. Of course, any construction project will affect the natural setting. We take steps to be good stewards of our surroundings, in every aspect of our work. Our sleek processes are designed to be energy-efficient. Products we use are often created locally to reduce excessive shipping, and many of them contain recycled content. Through these efforts, KAI is covering new ground by serving our clients in new, eco-friendly ways.

Keep It Black.

Axys mastic surface treatment coats and protects your pavement with a smooth, deep black surface that is resistant to damaging weather conditions and contaminants. It starts black and it stays black.

Pave It Green.

Because our dry materials are made from recycled content and regional materials,
Axys may help your project achieve LEED and other environmental certifications.
Axys is composed of at least 50 percent post consumer and postindustrial waste to maximize its durability, consistency, and sustainability.

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