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Sealcoat and Surface Treatment

Sealcoat is a combination of water, mineral fillers, and emulsified asphalt. Sealcoats are applied directly to an asphalt surface using a range of different tools including: mechanical sprayers, a broom or a squeegee.

How does sealcoating help protect asphalt?

Sealcoating functions as a barrier that seals the top of the asphalt. It protects asphalt from water, sun and air which will damage the asphalt and cause it to deteriorate more rapidly. Sealcoating also improves the appearance of asphalt by darkening and smoothing it, making line painting and cleaning simple.

When should sealcoating be done?

Sealcoating should be done 6-12 months after the asphalt is laid. Resealing may be necessary every 3-4 years as needed.




Black and green, Axys mastic surface treatment combines the durability you want from a pavement maintenance application while staying sensitive to the environment.


Axys, a mix of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregate, and post-consumer and industrial waste, protects your investment, minimizes future maintenance treatments, and gets traffic back on the pavement sooner.

How is Axys different?


  • Applies black and stays black
  • Delivers consistent results
  • Protects pavement from further degradation
  • Lasts longer than similar products


  • Contains the highest amount of recycled content to improve quality and performance
  • May contribute to LEED and other environmental certifications


  • Sets up fast
  • Ready for traffic in 2 to 4 hours


  • Extends the life cycle of your pavement
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